Photo Archive: “Devil in the Details” (March 2017)

A photo looking directly down on the underside of the top of a capybara skull. The base of the skull is at the top of the photo and the mouth of the skull is at the bottom of the photo. The structure of the skull and the way the two rows of flat teeth form a V shape going down to the bottom of the photo gives the illusion of a menacing face in the bone. The skull is off-white and grey, set against a solid black background.
Devil in the Details

This photo of a capybara skull was taken in March of 2017 at the San Diego Natural History Museum. It was part of a project I did for my digital photography class at the time and I received both a lot of praise and confusion for it. No one could figure out what it was.

To this day, it remains one of my favorite images I’ve ever shot. I love the way the holes and general structure in the skull above the teeth make it look like a creepy, evil grinning face. Hence the title “Devil in the Details.”


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